The first INWORK Conference on Social Inclusion, Work Integration and Social Entrepreneurship was organised from 10-12 November in Amsterdam.

Marginalised and vulnerable groups, such as drug users, homeless people, people with psychiatric problems or (ex) offenders have a large distance to the labour market in most European countries. Their educational level is often low, they have little opportunities to participate in schooling and employment and there are only few initiatives that increase or improve the participation of these groups in the paid or unpaid labour market. The current economical crisis  and the increasing unemployment affects all parts of society, but has surely a devastating impact on these groups.

In light of this situation the Rainbow Group, De Omslag Foundation and the partners of the INWORK Project organised the European Conference 'Social Inclusion, Work Integration and Social Entrepreneurship – Make It Work!' from 10-12 November 2014 in Amsterdam.

The Conference aimed at stimulating work integration and social entrepreneurship by bringing  together key actors, such as NGO's, (potential) social firm owners, local, national and European policy makers, target group representatives as well as relevant networks and platforms in the field.

Participants shared their knowledge and expertise during plenary sessions, workshops and in policy debates. Furthermore, good practice examples were presented in the framework of a separate site visit programme. In addition, the conference highlight the results and outcomes of the European INWORK Project and launched the online toolkit for work integration. 




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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